Vaninetti Enrico SRL - Automatic stellite tipping machine stingray

The tipping machine Mod. STINGRAY® is a machine that performs a hard facing (stellite®), through the operation of TIG or PLASMA welding systems on the teeth of the blades. The machine is formed by a compact steel structure very rigid that supports the copper moulds, the advancement system of the blade and the advancement of Stellite®.

The welder and the cooling unit, are placed so as to be easily adjusted. The machine is equipped with a touch-screen control that allows easy setting of welding parameters and annealing. The annealing of each tooth is done automatically during the same cycle of welding. With this machine you can tip the Stellite with any type of tooting or pitch including also variable pitch.

Technical details

  • Blade width : 50-360 mm
  • Blade thickness : 0.6-5 mm
  • Pitch: 20-80 mm
  • Working speed: 3-6 teeth/min
  • Weld material: roads stellite diameter 3,2
  • Weight: 680 kg
  • Package dimensions: 165 x 140 x 185 cm
  • Support blades: motorized and centralized for blades up to 13 meter


  • Adapter tor frame blades
  • Adapter lor circular saw blades
  • Adapter tor double-cut blades
  • Annealing induction HF
  • Plasma welding system