Vaninetti Enrico SRL - Automatic stellite tipping machine fe 260

The automatic stelllte tlpplng machine Vanlnetti Mod FE 260 is a machine that performs a hard-facing (Stellite®), through operation of TIG welding on the teeth of the blades. The machine is tormed by a compact steel structure that supports the copper molds, the advancement system ot the biade and the advancement of Stellite.

The weldlng machine is positioned so that you can easily adjust the welding parameters. The annealing of each tooth is done automatically during the same cycle of welding. With this machine you can tip the Stellite on any type of tooth or pitch including also the variable pitch. The main characteristic of this machine is its ease of use and its unbeatable reliabilrty

Technical details

  • Blade width: 70-260 mm
  • Biade thickness: 0.6-5 mm
  • Pilch: 20-80 mm
  • Working speed: 3-6 teeth/min
  • Weld metai: rods stellite diameter 3,2
  • Welght: 350 kg
  • Package dimensions: 100 x 85 x 140 cm


  • Adapter for blades Gatter
  • Adapter for circular saw blades
  • Adapter for double-cut blades
  • Support tor band saw blades