Our story


VANINETTI ENRICO SRL was born in 1970 for the production of band saw blades.

The company started with two employers, to satisfy the request for blades of some Sawmills in the low area of Valtellina.


In 1978 we patented a machine for the welding of blades, a real innovation respect the traditional system that was used. This system still is our quality brand.


In 1981 we patented a machine to weld the Stellite on theet of the blades.
Thanks to this automated system the sharpening of the blades became faster and its quality significantly improved.


We started to cooperate with KOHLBACHER GMBH, a german company that ideated some modern sharpening and side grinding machines water cooled. From that moment we have never stopped to evolve, trying to put on the market more reliable machines with higher performances.
Today we are the italian official resellers of these machines, we take care of their maintenance and the service work.
As of today we have commercialized more than 150 machines worldwide.


Our company is specialized in the production of saw blades for band saw and band resaw.
The growing demand of blades both nationally and internationally prompted us to increase the number of our machinery to answer our clients demands in short times.
Quality and prompt delivery are our points of strength.
Unlike most of our competitors, VANINETTI ENRICO SRL deals only with the production and service of saw blades.
Our clientele spaces from small artisanal sawmills to the big wood industry.
Today, the VANINETTI family reached the third generation and we are leaders in the production of saw blades worldwide with a presence in more than 30 countries!